Design Tips

Design Tips

Simple tips and tricks that anybody can do to make their living spaces better!

Home Staging

  • Curb Appeal - An inviting entry way will draw buyers to want to see more or may prompt window shoppers to schedule a full showing of the house.
  • De-clutter - Be cautious of having too many personal items and pictures that may push potential buyers out.
  • Paint - With paint, try to neutralize eccentric paint colors, but when painting, be sure to show quality and remove all signs of the former color.
  • Space Planning - Furniture should provide balance and flow as well as give the buyer a sense of purpose to each room without appearing overcrowded. Ask Designs by KF how our services can provide discounts from storage units or furniture rental firms.
  • Home Odors – Ask someone you trust to give you their opinion. If you have pets, children, etc, there may be a need to neutralize some degree of odor.  Nothing impairs a potential home sale like foul odors.
  • Lighting - The importance of proper and updated lighting is often overlooked but can truly offer a warm welcome to buyers. Designs by KF offers discounted lighting with our design services.

Interior Design

  • Make ceilings appear taller. To make a room feel taller and more "to scale" vertically, hang straight panel window treatments from the ceiling, going all the way to the floor.
  • Use Inexpensive wall-art collages. Find old frames at a thrift store. Paint them all one color and fill them with black and white photos. Hang these on a wall in a grouping. The different sizes and textures of the frames add dimension and transform a space.
  • Add art above a curvy headboard. When hanging wall art above a bed with a curved headboard, be sure the art work is hung cohesively with the  pictures placed in the same curvature pattern as the headboard.
  • Be cautious with greenery. Be creative when bringing the outside in to your home.  For instance, the ivy trend is past its prime. Try alternative solutions with greenery such as fresh flowers or some other unique arrangement. Too much ivy or other greenery can make a home seem cluttered or out-dated.